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S. Inal, L. Chiappisi, J. D. Kölsch, M. Kraft, M.-S. Appavou, U. Scherf, M. Wagner, M. R. Hansen, M. Gradzeilski, A. Laschewsky, D. Neher:
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J. Phys. Chem B, 117, 14576 (2013).

I. Lange, J. Kniepert, P. Pingel, I. Dumsch, S. Allard, S. Janietz, U. Scherf, D. Neher:
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Macromolecules, 46, 8284 (2013).

J. Min, H. Zhang, T. Stubhan, Y. N. Luponosov, M. Kraft, S. A. Ponomarenko, T. Ameri, U. Scherf, C. J. Brabec:
A combination of Al-doped ZnO and a conjugated polyelectrolyte interlayer for small molecule solution-processed solar cells with an inverted structure
J. Chem. Mater. A, 1, 11306 (2013).

J. Pina, J. S. S. de Melo, N. Breusov, U. Scherf:
Donor-acceptor-donor thienyl/bithienyl-benzothiadiazole/quinoxaline model oligomers: experimental and theoretical studies
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 15, 15204 (2013).

J. Pina, J. S. S. de Melo, N. Koenen, U. Scherf:
Chain length dependent excited state decay processes of diluted PF2/6 solution
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W. Gomulya, G. D. Costanzo, E. J. F. de Carvalho, S. Z. Bisri, V. Derenskyi, M. Fritsch, N. Fröhlich, S. Allard, P. Gordiichuk, A. Herrmann, S. J. Marrink, M. C. dos Santos, U. Scherf, M. A. Loi:
Semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes on demand by polymer wrapping
Adv. Mater., 25, 2948 (2013).

T. Ameri, T. Heumüller, J. Mon, N. Li, G. Matt, U. Scherf, C. J. Brabec:
IR sensitization of an indene-C60-bisadduct (ICBA) in ternary organic solar cells
Ener. Environ. Sci., 6, 1796 (2013).

E. Preis, C. Widling, G. Brunklaus, J. Schmidt, A. Thomas, U. Scherf:
Microporous polymer networks (MPNs) made in metal-free regimes: Systematic optimazation of a synthetic protocol toward N-arylcarbazole-based MPNs
ACS Macro Lett., 2, 380 (2013).

S. Kowalski, S. Allard, K. Zilberberg, T. Riedl, U. Scherf:
Direct arylation polycondensation as simplified alternative for the synthesis of conjugated polymers
Prog. Polymer Sci. in press (2013).

S. A. M. Fonseca, R. P. GAlvao, H. D. Burrows, A. Gutacker, U. Scherf, G. C. Bazan:
Selective fluorescence quenching in cationic fluorene-thiophene diblock copolymers for ratiometric sensing of anions
Macromol. Rapid Commun., 34, 717 (2013).

R. Tautz, E. da Como, C. Wiebler, G. Soavi, I. Dumsch, N. Fröhlich, G. Grancini, S. Allard, U. Scherf, G. Cerullo, S. Schumacher, J. Feldmann:
Charge photogeneration in donor-acceptor conjugated materials: Influence of excess excitation energy and chain length
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K. Zilberberg, A. Behrendt, M. Kraft, U. Scherf, T. Riedl:
Ultrathin interlayers of a conjugated polyelectrolyte for low work-function cathodes in efficient inverted organic solar cells
Org. Electron., 14, 951 (2013).

J. Pina, J. S. S. de Melo, J. M. Koenen, S. Jung, U. Scherf:
Excited state characterization and energy transfer in hyperbranched polytruxenes and polytruxene-block-polythiophene multiblock copolymers
J. Phys. Chem. C 117, 3718 (2013).

M. W. Tausch, A. Banerji, U. Scherf:
Classroom experiments and teaching materials
Education Quimica, 24, 17 (2013).

M. Schubert, E. Preis, J. C. Blakesley, P. Pingl, U. Scherf, D. Neher:
Mobility relaxation and electron trapping in a donor/acceptor copolymer
Phys. Rev. B, 87, 024203 (2013).

A. Klug, M. Denk, T. Bauer, M. Sandholzer, U. Scherf, C. Slugovc, E.J.W. List:
Organic field-effect transistor based sensors with sensitive gate dielectrics used for low-concentration ammonia detection
Org. Electron., 14, 500 (2013).

M. Knaapila, M. Torkkeli, F. Galbrecht, U. Scherf:
Crystalline and noncrystalline forms of poly(9,9-diheptylfluorene)
Macromolecules, 46, 836 (2013).

M. Knaapila, Z. Konopkova, M. Torkkeli, D. Haase, H. P. Liermann, S. Guha, U. Scherf:
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S. Inal, J. D. Kölsch, L. Chiappisi, M. Kraft, A. Gutacker, D. Janietz, U. Scherf, M. Gradzielski, A. Laschewsky, D. Neher:
Temperature-regulated fluorescence characteristics of supramolecular assemblies formed by a samrt polamer and a conjugated polyelectrolyte
Macromol. Chem. Phys., 214, 435 (2013).

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