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  • Klausurtermine
    Die Klausur zur Vorlesung "Polymerchemie" im Modul MChP2 findet am 22.02.2019 statt. Ort: HS 5 ... [mehr]
  • ÄNDERUNG - Vorlesungsbeginn Polymerchemie (MChP2)
    Die Vorlesung "Polymerchemie" im Modul MChP2 wird als Blockveranstaltung zu folgenden Terminen... [mehr]
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No advertised openings at present.

However, this changes from time to time - so check with any of us. Formal applications should be send to Dr. M. Forster and consist of cover letter, CV and three letters of recommendation. Mass mailed, unspecific e-mails will not be considered.

If you are thinking about joining our group as a graduate student, give as much advance notice as possible, than we can include you in grant proposals!

Highly qualified interns, diploma and PhD-candidates are welcome anytime. We have numerous interesting and exciting research projects - so come and talk with us. Most of our work is orientated towards the development and optimization of synthetic procedures for organic semiconductor materials. A strong interest in synthetic work and international collaboration is required as well as the ability to work in a multicultural and international group.