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    Die Klausur zur Vorlesung "Polymere Materialien" im Modul MChS13 findet am 12.07.2019 statt. Ort:... [mehr]
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U. Hormann, S. Zeiske S. Park, T. Schultz, S. Kickhofel, U. Scherf, S. Blumstengel, N. Koch, D. Neher:
Direct observation of state-filling at hybrid tin oxide / organic interfaces
Appl. Phys. Lett., 10, 627 (2019).

F. Trilling, M. K. Ausländer, U. Scherf:
Ladder-type polymers and ladder-type polyelectrolyltes with on-chain dibenza[a,h]anthracenes chromophores
Macromolecules, 52, 3115 (2019).

F. Trilling, O. Sachnik, U. Scherf:
Pi-Expanded diketopyrrolopyrroles as acceptot building blocks for the formation of novel donor-acceptor copolymers
Polymer Chem., 10, 627 (2019).

M. T. Sajjad, A. J. Ward, A. Ruseckas, A. K. Bansal, S. Allard, U. Scherf, I. D. W. Samuel:
Tuning the exciton diffusion coefficient of polyflourene based semiconducting polymers

T. N. Arge, Z. Konopkova, D. Haase, H. P. Liermann U. Scherf, S. Guha, M. Knaapila:
Measuring structural inhomogeneity of a helical conjugated polamer at high pessure and temperature
J. Polymer Sci. Part B., 57, 392 (2019).

K. Yuan, CB. Lu, S. Sfaealou, XX. Liao, XD. ZHuang, YW: Chen, U. Scherf, XL. Feng:
In situ nanoarchitecturing and active-site engineering toward highly efficient carbonaceous electrocatalysts
NANO ENERGY, 59, 207 (2019).