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N. Willis-Fox, A. Gutacker, M. P. Brownw, A. R. Khan, M. E. G. Lyons, U. Scherf, R. C. Evans:
Selective recognition of biologically important anions using a diblock polyfluorene-polythiophene conjugated polyelectrolyte
Polym. Chem., 8, 7151 (2017).

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I. Meazzini, C. Blayo, J. Arlt, A. T. Marques, U. Scherf, H. D. Burrows, R. C. Evans:
Uraesil organic-inorganic hybrids as photoactive waveguides for conjugated polyelectrolytes luminescent solar concentrator
Mater. Chem. Fontiers, 1, 2271 (2017).

T. Unger, S. Wedler, F.-J. Kahle, U. Scherf, H. Bässler, A. Köhler:
The impact of driving force and temperature on the electron transfer in donor-acceptor blend systems
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A complex, interrelationship between temperature-dependent polyquarterthiophene (PQT) structural and electrical properties
J. Phys. Chem. C, 121, 23149 (2017).

A. Palma-Cando, D. Woitassek, G. Brunklaus, U. Scherf:
Luminescent tetraphenylethene-cored carbazol- and thiophene-based microporous polymer films for the chemosensing of nitroaromatic analytes
Mater. Chem. Frontiers, 1, 1118 (2017).

K. Yuan, T Hu, Y. Z: Xu, R. Graf, L. shi, M. Forster, T. Pichler, T. Riedl, Y. W. Chen, U. Scherf:
Nitrogen-doped porous carbon/graphene nanosheets derived from two-dimensional conjugated microporous polymer sandwiches with promising capaitive
Mater. Chem. Frontiers, 1, 278 (2017).

A. G. Shulga, V. Derenskyi, J. M. Salazar-Rios, D. N. Dirin, M. Fritsch, M. V. Kovalenko, U. Scherf, M. A. Loi:
An all-solution-based hybrid CMOS-like quntum dot/carbon nanotube inverter
Adv. Mater., 29, 1701764 (2017).

C. Widling, M. Forster, V. M. Suresh, U. Scherf:
Catalyst- and solvent free, thermal generation of microporous polymer networks
Sci. China: Chem., 60, 1103 (2017).

B. M. Squeo, V. G. Gregoroiu, A. Ayergopoulos, S. Baysec, S. Allard, U. Scherf, C. L. Chochos:
BODIPY-based polymeric dyes as emerging horizon materials for biological sensing and organic electronic applications
Prog. Polym. Sci., 71, 26 (2017).

V. Derenskyi, W. Gomulya, W. Talsma, J. M. Salazar-Rios, M. Fritsch, P. Nirmalraj, H. Riel, S. Allard, U. Scherf, M. A. Loi:
On-chip chemical self-assembly of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs): Towards robust and scale invariant SWNTs transistors
Adv. Mater., 29, 1606757 (2017).

H. Kraus, S. Bange, F. Frunder, U. Scherf, C. Böhme, J. M. Lupton:
Visualizing the radical-pair mechanism of molecular magnetic fields by magnetic resonance induced electrofluorescence to electrophosphorescence
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A. Rudnick, K.-J. Kass, E. Preis, U. Scherf, H. Bässler, A. Köhler:
Interplay of localized pyrene chromophores and pi-conjugation in novel poly(2,7-pyrene) ladder polymers
J. Chem. Phys., 146, 174903 (2017).

C. L. Chochos, S. Drakopoulou, A. Katsouras, B. M. Squeo, C. Sprau, A. Colsmann, V. G. Gregoriou, A. Palma-Cando, S. Allard, U. Scherf, N. Gasparini, N. Kazerouni, T. Ameri, C. J. Brabec, A. Avgeropoulos:
Beyond donor-acceptor (D-A) approach: structure-optoelectronic properties-organic photovoltaic performance correlation in new D-A(1)-D-A(2) low-bandgap conjugated polymers
Macromol. Rapid Commun., 38, 1600720 (2017).

K. Yuan, X. D. Zhuang, T. Hu, L. Shi, S. Sfaelou, U. Polnick, M. Forster, T. Pichler, T. Riedl, X. L. Feng, Y. W. Chen, U. Scherf:
2 D heterostructures derived from MoS2-templated, cobalt-containing conjujated microporous polymer sandwiches for the oxygen reduction reaction and electrochemical energy storage
Chemelectrochem, 4, 709 (2017).

N. Gasperini, A. Garcia-Rodriguez, M. Prosa, S. Baysec, A. Palma-Cando, A. Katsouras, A. Avgeropoulos, G. Pagona, V. G. Gregoriou, C. L. Chochos, S. Allard, U. Scherf, C. J. Brabec, T. Ameri:
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Elementary Processes in Organic Photovoltaics ed. by K. Leo in Adv. in Polymer Sci., 272, 243 (2017).

T. Ameri, M. Forster, U. Scherf, C. J. Brabec:
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S. K. Samanta, U. Scherf:
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Macromol. Chem. Phys., 218, 1600374 (2017).